Sidney Ann’s work has been featured in:

  • The Magazine of Gracious Living
  • Naples Illustrated
  • N Magazine
  • The Magazine of Naples
  • Naples Daily News


Welcome to the Home of Contemporary Artist Sidney Ann

Painting is my livelihood, my way of expressing my innermost feelings. This is my time to allow my subconscious mind to be free and in control. 

Give me a good paint brush, bold jewel tones, deep blues, reds, and greens. This is the recipe that sets the mood for my composition. I especially enjoy painting on large canvases, as this allows me freedom of movement. Sometimes I feel entranced, as if I were dancing, moving back and forth to create the brush strokes. The inspiration for my paintings is usually brought forth by bold colors, value, and flow. Sometimes just looking at the shape of a flower and imagining that it was me. Seeing, feeling, touching as if I was inside looking out. 

I love art and have studied for many years, but I feel I have always had the creative flow within me. I have a deep desire to capture and stir the emotions of others. It is always rewarding when someone touches upon the same emotions that you felt when creating a painting. 

My current work is on the contemporary side. Florals are one of my favorite subjects. I paint them with a touch of whimsy. I take color on a journey from its darkest value to its softest value, blending one into the other. Painting spiritual themes is also a favorite. I have a series of work called Hope. The theme consists of many crosses with spiritual images. This series touches on my life experiences. 

I will continue to create as this is food for my soul. Driven to reach out and touch others, it will always be a lifelong dream. 

- Sidney Ann, Artist

Artist Statement

Sidney Ann’s work has been on display at:

  • The Von Liebig Art Center in Naples, Florida (Award Winner)
  • Art in the Park in Naples, Florida (Award Winner)
  • Howard Allen Outdoor Shows
  • The Appleton Museum in Ocala, Florida
  • Brick City Art Gallery in Ocala, Florida


Born in Kentucky and raised in Evansville, Indiana, Sidney Ann attended the University of Evansville and Indiana State University. She then moved to Naples, Florida where she lived for 22 years and performed as a singer/songwriter. It was also in Naples that she primarily showed and sold her artwork. 

Sidney taught oil painting and watercolors at the prestigious Von Liebig Art Center in Naples. While there, she also owned and operated an Art Supply Store, employing one full-time manager and two part-time employees. Her store included a fine art gallery and offered art supplies, a custom framing department, and an art workshop to teach painting classes. She now has more than 20 years teaching experience. 

Sidney recently moved from the Ocala, Florida area to Denver, Colorado. She hopes to begin showing and selling her artwork locally in Denver and to become better known and appreciated as a professional, contemporary artist. Her work has been compared to the fluidity of professional glass blowing artist, Dale Chihuly. Her work has been on display and featured in a number of places, including: